Business ideas


Diamantis Synanidis – Greece       mail_success-stories_purple

My name is Synanidis Diamantis. I was born and live in Patras. I am a graduate of the Department of Economics of University of Patras. I have worked as a telephonist in customer service for OTE’s directory information and as an assistant accountant in AMESA Ltd. I attended seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship and market issues. My greatest love however is painting. I dream to work in a company or even better to be the owner of one that belongs to the arts area.


The DiEsSi company will be a kind of gallery, welcoming and open to interested parties of all social strata. To all those who wish to admire or buy art pieces of emerging / amateur or professional artists. Also, DiEsSi gallery will permit monitoring of laboratory and theoretical courses in the workshop that will be located in a separate room. Initially, only for the art of painting, but with the prospect of laboratory’s expansion in order to be available for courses in most art forms. Finally, through our website will have the opportunity of communication and navigation on issues related to exhibitions, sales (online shop), and expressions of interest and participation in the lessons.


Eugenia Lazarou – Greece       mail_success-stories_purple

My name is Eugenia Lazarou and I have studied Business Administration at the Higher Technological Educational Institute of Patras. Both, during my studies and after my graduation, I developed a special interest in entrepreneurship and how this affects the modern socio-economic environment. This interest gradually grew into a desire to learn in depth about entrepreneurship and long-term to also become myself an entrepreneur. This choice has defined both the professional and my personal path, forcing me to make choices that will help me develop myself and that I can create my own business in the future.


The business idea that I have developed has as main scheme to offer help and motivation to people of all ages to be physically active. The idea will apply the use of new technology to motivate and assist people of all ages to become physically active and change their daily routine for a better life. Through the use of an electronic application, the applicant will answer to simple quiz style questions and will discover which physical activity suits him the best. Then, with the help of the application and the website of the company, he will see all the professionals or associations that offer the physical activities that suits him. Through the application and the website, he also could have a combo of offers and the ability to become member of the community that will be created. The company’s aim is to create a large community that is going to motivate people and professionals to become member. The profit of the company will be provided from the ads on the web site and application, the payment fees of professionals offering physical activities and premium subscriptions that will have extra benefits for subscribers. The application will be named Motivaction.


Gerasimos Andritsos – Greece       mail_success-stories_purple

My name is Gerasimos Andritsos and I am an undergraduate student at T.E.I of Western Greece in Patras. During my studies there, I started getting into entrepreneurship and I really liked it, so I started studying more and more about it. I like learning new things by reading books and I like travelling as well. I also like sports, especially martial arts.


The business idea came up during conversations with my friends while we were trying to create a new business project in our town. We decided to create a bakery that will have few suppliers and will only bake their products in order to sell them. The innovation that will make our business idea gain value is the delivery. We thought that we can deliver beverages and bakery products during the morning, but the main idea was to deliver bread during the afternoon when employees return home and they desire warm bread for their lunch.


Evangelos Angelopoulos – Greece       mail_success-stories_purple

Evangelos Angelopoulos was born and raised in Patras, Greece. During his studies in the University of Mathematics he started publishing nonprofessional and nonofficial magazines (fanzines) with his fellow colleagues and friends. In his free time he produces music and learns programming.


‘99 percent invisible’ is a Greece based, quarterly print publication, written in English, which covers the fields of illustration, photography, writing and comic among others. The initial idea and purpose of starting publishing the magazine was to find creative people with different artistic backgrounds and put their work together in a print edition. This is a step to reach our final goal though, which is to bring artists together not only in an issue, but to create a community of creatives that help and inspire each other.


Joona Kamu – Finland        mail_success-stories_purple

Kamu started his studies in Haaga-Helia in January 2016. In the first orientation week, he rushed to StartUp School and told that he has an idea. INTGEN project mentoring helped him to form a business idea. At the beginning Kamu was expected to perform a course of Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset.


Rinneseikkailut Oy, a company offering people a chance to get some thrilling experiences in high places such as rappelling and pendulum jumps, was founded on Mayday 2016 by business administration student Joona Kamu.

Kamu and his business partner student Verneri Närhi found a mentor in INTGEN project mentoring course and mentor helped him to form a business idea. After that StartUp School and INTGEN mentoring course helped Kamu and his business partner Verneri Närhi to get their company started. Kamu’s mentor also advised with many classic questions such as what to do first and what to do next. Nowadays Kamu still goes to mentoring and finds it very helpful.


Tom Himanen – Finland       mail_success-stories_purple

Elonhakkuu Oy was founded in 2016 by business information technology student Aaro Helander, company CMO and Finnish Street Workout Champion. Company is now working on Next Level, a training app targeting international markets. Start-up has scored 80 000 € in funding from Sontek Oy, business angel Tuomas Maisala and national innovation funding agency Tekes.

Helander and student and company CEO business information technology student Tom Himanen have also gone through the INTGEN mentoring process as a mentee. “Getting to a product ready for funding, however, would have been difficult without the help of INTGEN, StartUp School and a grant from the team’s hometown agency, Kouvola Innovation,” says Tom Himanen, company CEO. In this case mentor helped Helander and Himanen to take the necessary steps before entering the market. Now Next Level is a popular app that gains 100 new users every day.


Niklas Litmala and Sami Ahonen – Finland       mail_success-stories_purple

Tiitus recruitment tool was created in 2015 by Haaga-Helia business administration students Sami Ahonen and Niklas Litmala. Tiitus is a mobile app that makes work application process easier and more fun: the founders call it tinder of recruitment. The story of Tiitus began when Litmala and Ahonen had a promising business idea but they needed a bit of support from more experienced professional to start their business. That’s why they started in INTGEN mentoring program.

Litmala and Ahonen have found mentoring and related workshops useful in planning their business idea. Ideas and inspiration as well as mentor’s support and experience was needed to get their start-up up and running. Now they have good feeling about the future of their start-up.