Mentoring workshops in Patras

After the successful implementation of the 1st and the 2nd workshop of the Intgen mentoring, the 3rd workshop took place in Patra at p-consulting offices, in January 10th 2017.

In the 1st workshop that took place at p-consulting offices in November 29th 2016, the mentees presented their business ideas and also a discussion took place with their mentors about the basic concepts of the business plan that they have to create. The mentees also divided in two teams and they did the activity of “mass mellow” very successfully.


In the 2nd workshop in December 14th 2016, the issues that were discussed concerned the financial support of the new business, the problems that it will face and how they will solve them.


In the 3rd workshop, a few days ago, the participants discussed about how the sales and the marketing techniques could be implemented on their business ideas. The mentors helped them to understand better the role of marketing to their business through concepts like market research, branding, unique selling point ect.

The procedure of the mentoring moves on according to the schedule and the participants are getting prepared for the final meeting, where they will present their ideas to the mentors and to the other participants until the end of the month.